After much anticipation, welcome to PeachTreePig!

Who’d have thought it? Who’d have thought it’d take so long to get my new business, PeachTreePig, up and running?! Not me, that’s for sure! But it has been worth waiting for, and I’m delighted to say that on Friday, 1st August 2014, PeachTreePig was launched into the big wide world.

I’ve had some lovely feedback on my Facebook page, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped and supported me throughout the rebranding process. They have all had the patience of saints! A huge shout out to Simon at indigostring for turning PeachTreePig into an amazing new brand… I absolutely love my new logo.

So, why have I decided to launch PeachTreePig then, and why that name? Well, you can read about the motivation behind the change in my first blog post, and my Curly Tail page, but the reason behind the change from Sparkleastar mainly lies in the fact that no-one could spell it… and if potential buyers can’t spell the name, they’ve very little chance of finding me on the internet these days. For those who don’t know, my middle name is Lea… hence Sparkleastar. It seemed like a good idea at the time! Anyway, back to PeachTreePig…

It took many months, yes months, to decide on this new name. The inspiration behind it comes from my love of pigs, and the amazing peach tree that we have in our back garden (in the pictures you can see me with our first peach from the tree, and Date Pig – a present from my husband the day before our wedding). Once I’d put the two together, there was no going back. I really wnated the new name to reflect me and my personality, and as one piece of feedback has been “Should have guessed the pig!“, I think I’ve succeeded!

So, onwards and upwards. At the moment I have tiaras and hair combs available to buy from my Folksy shop, but I will add new products soon, so keep an eye out. And please tell your friends and family about PeachTreePig. I really would be every so grateful.

Until next time,
Sarah x

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