Handcrafted tiaras

You’ll have undoubtedly spent a long time choosing your perfect dress, one that you love and that makes you feel fabulous. Why then rush the decision of choosing a tiara to complement it? Here at PeachTreePig, I specialise in creating designs that work for you. But what makes them so special?

  • Each tiara is lovingly designed and handcrafted with your comfort in mind. Due to the materials I use, when it arrives your tiara will contain enough flexibility to allow it to be carefully shaped to suit your head (you can not do this with many mass produced tiaras).
  • I take as much care and attention making my ready-to-buy range, as I do creating commissioned pieces. Therefore, I guarantee that the quality of the items available to purchase in my online shop has not been at all compromised.
  • As each of my tiaras is individually handcrafted, I can easily adapt a design – or indeed create a new one – on a commission basis. If you have specific colours in mind, or a particular style that you’d like, please get in touch. Together we can create your perfect tiara.

To see some of the many tiaras I have previously made, take a look at my den… or go straight to my shop if you’re ready to think about buying.