My wedding, my colour theme

I’ve been spending a lot of time of late mulling over themes and colours for my website, and it’s reminded me of those happy days planning my own wedding. All the choices you have to make; colours, themes, dresses, shoes, hair style, jewellery, bridesmaids, date, venue, music etc… the list goes on and on. Many people find the whole thing full of stress, but not me – I loved every minute of it. My biggest moments of indecision though came with the colour/theme. Let me tell you about it.

I’d always wanted the big white wedding, the one in a church with all my friends and family around. But I’m a designer, and a little voice inside me wanted to do something different. I wanted guests to come along and feel like it wasn’t just another wedding, with the same old colours, the same old theme. We’d already set the date for April, and we knew that month could be a mixed bag when it came to the weather, so instantly I wanted to make sure our wedding was colourful – I wanted it to brighten up a dreary day, or shine brightly on a sunny one. I’d moved from wanting a classic royal purple to preferring teal, moved back to purple and then onto a spring or olivey green! I trawled though magazines and websites, asked opinions and collected ribbon cuttings in colours I liked, but it was when one of my bridesmaids sent me a text to say they were happy with any colour, as long as it wasn’t orange, that I knew what I wanted!

Cutting a very long story short, when I was looking for my dress, I tried on one that had burnt orange detailing, not for the colour but for the style. I happened to mention to the boutique assistant that actually I loved the orange colour and had considered it for the bridesmaids. She disappeared and came back seconds later with a bridesmaid dress in the colour that I fell in love with.

Not content with just having the orange colour though, I went on to pair it with a secondary one… one of the original colours I had loved, purple. And so my colour theme was born. I think it had secretly been in my head months before I’d admitted it to anyone – but the facial expressions you see when you tell people you’re considering orange and purple really make you wonder if you’re doing the right thing! But all’s well that ends well, and our wedding was fantastic – I got the reaction I was hoping for. When I was getting married, you couldn’t find a nice orange and purple wedding theme online for love nor money. Now, well it’s all over the place! I’d like to think that I helped set the trend.

What colour or theme did you choose for your wedding? Comment and let me know… especially if you’d like to write a guest blog for PeachTreePig. Together, maybe we can help brides-to-be make that all important colour/theme decision.

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