The dress, the flowers and the favours – ideas on keeping to a budget

You don’t have to look very far to find articles telling you that the average UK wedding costs around £21,000 – but how many engaged couples have that sort of money to spare? Don’t worry – if you are planning your wedding, there are plenty of tips out there on how to keep your wedding budget on track. Here are just three of my favourites.

  • Finding the perfect dress at the perfect price
    Wedding dresses can cost thousands of pounds, and you might think you need to spend that much to find the perfect one… but don’t be fooled! There are some beautiful dresses out there that are perfect for a bride on a budget. Know how much you want to spend up front, and stick to that figure. Then shop! Visit bridal boutiques, your local department store, peruse the internet and magazines, and try lots on. Why not chat with your local dressmakers too? It’s a great way to get a truly unique dress, one that’s exactly what you want, and often at a very reasonable price. What are you waiting for?
  • Flowers that don’t cost the earth
    Flowers are another item on the list that can easily take up more of your budget than you were hoping for. The same rules apply though – choose your budget and stick to it. I would recommend getting in touch with your local florists, talking through your ideas and collecting a few price lists. Keep in mind that at certain times of the year, the price of flowers can increase – it can be a bit of a shock if you don’t realise beforehand that you’ve actually planned your wedding for the Mother’s Day weekend! Also, make sure you talk to smaller independent florists – and stick to flowers that are in season – both can help keep the price down.
  • Wedding favours that look after your purse
    Here’s one that always seems to be tricky to tick off the list. You can be traditional, modern, go with edible items or keepsakes – but the trick is to not let the price get away from you. Think outside the box, and keep it personal. Why not collect seeds from your favourite flowers in your garden, or use your skills (or sweet talk those around you) to handcraft biscuits, sweets, soap or candles? Grow house plant seedlings, or give away teabags for that refreshing post-wedding day cuppa. Or just give each guest a slice of your wedding cake to take away (tip – get an extra cake made up that can be cut beforehand, this even allows you do have a smaller decorated wedding cake if you wish). Packaging your favours can be very personal and reasonable – just make sure you use appropriate food packaging for edible items. Oh, and shop around!

Do you have any tips that you think would help other brides-to-be plan on a budget? If so, let me know below, or share with me over on twitter or facebook.

Wedding Dress Detail
Cherry Brandy Rose (Image - Marisa Potter Photography)
Heart-Shaped Biscuit Favours (Image - Marisa Potter Photography)

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